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Adoption Blogs

A big part of the inspiration for our adoption journey were the stories of other adoptive parents. They gave us strength, helped show us the way, and let us know we were not alone. Here we list blogs that we hope will help inspire you on your adoption journey -- or just bring a smile to your face. Would you like us to add your blog?  Let us know.  Don’t know how to blog? We’ll show you how with our webinar, “Share Your Story: How to Create Your Own Adoption Blog”

Adoption News/Information Blogs

Kazakhstan Adoption Blogs

Adoption Podcast

Russia Adoption Blogs

China Adoption Blogs


Adoption News/Information Blogs

Adoption News & Information

Adoption News & Information’s News and Information Blog.  This is where we share the latest news and information that we hope will help you on your entire adoption journey, along with our thoughts and opinions from time to time.  Subscribe today using your favorite RSS reader by clicking on the orange “chicklet”, or have each new post emailed to you by clicking on the link below.

Adoption News and Information 

Adoption Podcasts

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Robin Bartko

Thinking Of Adopting Podcast’s Podcast (audio blog), hosted by Robin Bartko. Listen to interviews with Adoption experts, learn more about adoption telecourses & adoption webinars, and more. 

Thinking of Adopting Podcast 

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China Adoption Blogs

Sean, Becky, and Mason


Follow the ongoing journey of Sean, Becky, and their son Mason to adopt their little girl (Mason’s new little sister) from China!  Sean & Becky began her blog after taking the webinar, “Share Your Story: How to Create Your Own Adoption Blog”


Our Journey Countines

Julie shares the story of life with Kamryn, their new daughter and her boys’ new little sister, whom they recently adopted from China. 

Steve & Catherine

Our Daughter from China

Steve and Catherine share the story of their journey to bring home their daughter from China in this very informative blog.  Steve & Katherine started their blog after taking the webinar, “Share Your Story:  How to Create Your Own Adoption Blog” in April of 2006.  


Checking Boxes

Emma and Aaron, “an Aussie couple on the adventurous road to international parenthood”, document their journey to adopt a baby from China.  Emma and Aaron live in Queensland, Australia, and spent 5 months living in China in 2003. We were fortunate to learn of Emma’s blog when she contacted us after listening to the Thinking Of Adopting Podcast.

Russia Adoption Blogs

Ken & Elaine


Ken & Elaine Rachko share their ongoing journey through international adoption to becoming a family. Ken & Elaine began her blog after taking “Share Your Story: How to Create Your Own Adoption Blog” on

My Boy!

That’s My Boy: My life as an International Adoptive Mom

Robin Bartko shares some of her experiences as the mother of a child adopted internationally from Russia.  Robin finds that he is not only teaching her a lot about being a mother, but also a lot about life.

Kazakhstan Adoption Blogs

Our Russian Adoption Blog

Our Kazakhstan Adoption

Joe and Steph are a couple with a young biological son who have made the decision to adopt a child from Kazakhstan.  Rather than infertility, they are adopting "by choice" as they believe there are so many children in the world that need a loving home. They began their blog after taking “Share Your Story: How to Create Your Own Adoption Blog” on

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