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Dr. Thomas PhelanAsk About ADD/ADHD Live
Dr. Thomas Phelan

“Ask About ADD/ADHD Live” is the recording of a live question and answer session with Dr. Thomas Phelan, an internationally renowned expert and lecturer on parenting and Attention Deficit Disorder, held on September 17, 2008.  Participants asked their questions regarding ADD/ADHD to Dr. Phelan using their telephone or by emailing them to the moderator (Robin Bartko) to ask on their behalf. Access to this recorded program is free, however you must register to access the recording.
Listen to an Audio Recording of “Ask About ADD/ADHD Live”

    Through your computer’s speakers
    Click the button below to open an audio player to listen to the audio recordings of the 9/17/08 session through your computer’s speakers.  The audio recording is approximately 62 minutes in duration, and has been edited for content and length.
    Launch Audio Player

Reference Material
    Dr. Phelan’s website, with information about his books, programs and seminars.

    “The Explosive Child”
    The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene, Ph.D
    A book referenced by Dr. Phelan during “Ask About ADD/ADHD Live” on 9/17/08. Clicking the link will take you to to learn more about this book.

    “Parenting” Section on Adoption Books Page
    Provides a list of other excellent books on parenting.

    An Introduction to Sensory Processing Disorder: Understanding and Recognizing SPD in Adopted Children
    by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.
    An outstanding introduction to sensory processing disorder (also commonly referred to as sensory integration), a challenge referenced by Dr. Phelan during “Ask About ADD/ADHD Live”, by viewing this recorded presentation by Carol Kranowitz, the nationally recognized leader in sensory processing education, and author of many books including “The Out-of-Sync Child”. As with all education programs, we will be gladly refund your money if you are not completely satisfied.

    Attachment and Adoption: What is it and why is it so important?
    by Lark Eshleman, Ph.D.
    Learn more about the importance of attachment, mentioned by Dr. Phelan during “Ask About ADD/ADHD Live” by viewing this recorded presentation by Dr. Lark Eshleman, author of “Becoming A Family:  Promoting Healthy Attachments with Your Adopted Child”.  This program includes both the 60 minute presentation and a 60 minute recorded Q&A session Dr. Eshleman held with adoptive parents. As with all education programs, we will be gladly refund your money if you are not completely satisfied.

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