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Adoption Agencies Registered by the Russian Federation

Source: US Embassy Moscow, Russia web site’s “International Adoption - Russia” page:

According to the US Embassy in Moscow’s web site,  as of July 15, 2008 the following adoption agencies are currently accredited with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.  This registration is sometimes referred to as “accreditation” or “licensing”. Please Check the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia’s web site for the most up-to-date information. The Joint Council on International Children’s Services’ “Russia” web page provides additional information and status on the Russian accreditation process.

  1. ABC Adoption Services, Inc.
  2. Adopt-A-Child, Inc.
  3. Adoption Associates, Inc.
  4. Adoption Center of Washington
  5. Adoptions Together, Inc.
  6. Alaska International Adoption Agency
  7. Alliance for Children
  8. Beacon House Adoption Services, Inc.
  9. Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina, Inc.
  10. Children's Home Society and Family Services
  11. Children's Hope International
  12. Commonwealth Adoptions International, Inc.
  13. Children of the World Adoption Agency, Inc.
  14. Christian World Adoption
  15. Cradle Society
  16. Creative Adoptions, Inc.
  17. DOVE Adoptions International, Inc.
  18. European Adoption Consultants
  19. Families Thru International Adoption
  20. Frank Adoption Center
  21. Florence Crittenton League of Lowell
  22. Gift of Life Adoption Services
  23. Gladney Center for Adoption
  24. Global Adoption Services, Inc.
  25. Hand in Hand
  26. Happy Families International Center
  27. Homestudies and Adoption Placement Services, Inc.
  28. International Assistance Group
  29. Life Adoption Services, Inc.
  30. Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Inc.
  31. Maine Adoption Placement Services (MAPS)
  32. New Hope Christian Services
  33. Nightlight Christian Adoptions
  34. Small World Adoption Foundation of Missouri, Inc.
  35. Wide Horizons for Children
  36. World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP)
  37. World Child International
  38. Wyoming Childrens Society

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