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Telecourse & Webinar Feedback

We sincerely appreciate your feedback. Here’s what some of you have said about our adoption telecourses and help sessions.   Want to tell us what you think? Email us or post your feedback on the Forum.

Telecourse and Webinar Format

“Yes, very easy to use and great to be at home while learning from experts!”

“Yes, because I could attend without having to travel.”

“I think this is wonderful. I can't believe the guest speakers you're getting too!”

“This is the second one I have attended and love it.”

“I thought the webinar format was easy and very accessible.”

“I loved the format. I was able to follow and understand and interact.”

“This is the first telecourse I have participated in. What a great tool. Thank you very much for your service to the adoption community. I really like the news that you are beginning to record the sessions for access later in the event people can't join the live session.”

“I love the format. Having visual & verbal with ability to ask questions is great.”

“We really enjoyed this. It allows us to participate even with our child sleeping upstairs [...] we loved how the host could control the slide show to make us feel engaged in the process.”

“Telephone format worked well as I was away from home and was able to listen while I was driving home.”

“I can[‘t] thank you enough for putting all these workshops together. I am always amazed at the quality of presentation and ease of accessibility and cheap cost. Thanks so much.”

“I thought the session offered a safe place to ask honest questions.”

Medical Aspects of International Adoption
w/ Alla Gordina, M.D. FAAP

“Thank you, thank you so much for offering the telecourse last night.  Dr. Gordina was so informative; she brought up many issues that we had never even considered (like seeing a doctor before you get your child referral, getting your immunizations early, having other family members get the immunizations even if they are not traveling, etc., etc.).  We have (of course) been doing all of the wondering/worrying, "What will this child come home with?" but we had neglected to think of all of the other preventative stuff in the meantime. My husband and I were so glad to be sitting in on the discussion. Excellent idea! And again, thank you so much!”

“I enjoyed the presentation! I took a large amount of notes and feel I obtained a lot of good information and insight for our upcoming travel to Russia!”

“Course was fantastic, thanks, it was very helpful”

“I very much appreciate the opportunity to learn from a recognized expert like Dr. Gordina.”

“This was amazingly informative. A lot of detail.”

“Very informative. Though I've been through the international adoption process, I learned many new facts.”

“Excellent! I cannot believe the information and detail that Dr. Gordina went into. Thank you so much for the extra time spent with us.”

Early Intervention at Home and School for Out of Sync Children
w/ Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

“Fantastic. Oh my God. I cannot believe how advanced and important this is for adoptive parents. I am a psychologist who understands this issue well and I learned so much. Thank you.”

“Carol [Kranowitz] did and excellent job of describing SPD [Sensory Processing Disorder] in an easy to understand manner. She also gave us some helpful resources and ideas.”

“An hour is such a short time for so much information. This was a great starting place!”

“Very good! Some good resources presented and the speaker obviously knows her stuff!”

“This was excellent-thank you for sponsoring such an informative presentation.“

Talking to Your Children About Adoption
w/ Ellen Singer, Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.)

“Very nice, very informative and casual, too. Thank you to Robin [Bartko] and Ellen [Singer]!!!“

“It was fantastic!”


“Very informative, Ellen [Singer] did a great job.”

What to Expect During the Referral Stage
w/ Robin Bartko, Adoptive Parent & Founder of

“Found your information VERY useful. Great Job! Thanks for spending your time and experiences with us.”

“I found this teleclass very valuable... good info... thank you.”

“Even though we have done a lot of research already, we still picked up some very good information tonight. Very well presented. Thanks.”

“Very helpful - thank you so much for offering your time, experience and services so generously!! Bless you!!”

“Excellent! Would highly recommend to others!”

“It was very helpful, especially the suggestions regarding some of the IA doctors available here and in Russia”

“Excellent Information”

“This was my first telecourse. I loved it! Thank you to the Bartko family for your time. I look forward to attending many more of your courses. Thank you!!!”

Adopting the Orphanage Child
w/ Todd Ochs, MD, Adoption Pediatrician and Adoptive Father

“Excellent and knowledgeable presenter.  The slides were very informative and the Q&A session was handled well and was quite reassuring for prospective adoptive parents.  It is good to know that there is such great information available online and at such a low cost. The fee for this course was less than the co-pay of my health insurance and gave me more information than I could get from my own pediatrician. I will recommend this to all my friends who are adopting from China.”

“Great telecourse and content. Glad we found this.”

“Thank you for your time and insight - it was very useful”

“The course was very informative. Thank you!”

Q&A on the Chinese and Russian Adoption Processes
w/ John H. Maclean, author of “The Russian Adoption Handbook” and “The Chinese Adoption Handbook”

“This was our first telecourse we have done and it was great! We truly learned some things that we need to know for our upcoming adoption through China.”

“This telecourse was extremely informative.”

“I found John [Maclean] to be a great resource, particularly about Russian adoptions.”

“It was great!”

Share Your Story:  Creating Your Own Adoption Blog
w/ Dennis Bartko, Adoptive Father and webmaster

“Excellent course. Informative & well paced for individuals with varying computer knowledge.”

“Good pacing, concise content, great hands-on method of instruction!!!!”

“Outstanding, a huge help!”

Promoting Healthy Attachment
w/ Lark Eshleman, PhD, Director of the Institute for Children and Families

“What a wonderful resource! I had not heard of this author before, and now I am going to be reccommending her book. Thanks Robin and Dennis for putting this together”

“Thank you so much! There were a lot of surprising pieces of advice, and I'm really glad I participated!”

“Again another GREAT telecourse! The information was very well presented.”

“Great course! I highly recommend it to adoptive parents.”

“The telecourse was very helpful, and the followup resources were excellent.”

“The information presented was excellent!”

Russian for the Adoption Traveler I
w/ Tatyana Komarova, Native Russian Speaker

“We were very impressed with the format. At first, we were a little skeptical of how we would be able to practice Russian over a conference call, but we were amazed at how well Tatyana was able to pick up on our pronunciation. Each class seemed to go by very fast and we looked forward to our next class and what we would learn. My husband and I took the course together and practiced the new words in between sessions together.  Tatyana was very open to answering any questions we had.  We felt that we got a lot of personal attention. The amount we learned jump-started our learning of the Russian language and gave us the confidence to pursue other more intensive CD courses.”

“Excellent webinar! everyone going to Russia should take this!”

Healing Hannah:  Attachment from an Adoptive Parent’s Point of View
w/ Dawn Choate, Adoptive Parent

“It was an extremely informative course, and it gave me great hope of healing if the child we adopt has attachment issues. This has been one of my greatest fears as we progress on our adoption journey”

“Very informative to hear from someone who has experienced attachment issues first hand. My husband and I feel fortunate to have access to such information prior to receiving our child. This is one of the issues that we are very concerned with and are preparing for as we wait for our China referral.” 

“Gosh, this was excellent!!! This conversation has really got me thinking about how important it will be to look and expect some atttachment issues. Having no prior experience with adoption, I know how little I know. It is so helpful to listen to those parents with experience. Thanks!”

“Excellent ! Bravo! Very educational.”

“Dawn is an excellent communicator. The Q and A really helped bring out some very useful information.”

“Loved the course. Dawn's information was wonderfully helpful.”

“Excellent.  The subject is very important to all who are adopting.  Very honest commentary from the host [Dawn Choate].”

“Thank you for providing tonights telecourse. It was very helpful. I like the whole idea of your website and education for those thinking of adopting. Thank you.” 

“Excellent, thank you so much!”

“Excellent.  Insightful, but not from a know-it-all perspective”

Choices: Adopting from China, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, and Korea
w/ Inna Pecar, LCSW-LSC

“Outstanding! I just reviewed the Choices webinar and am totally blown away by the quality and completeness of this presentation. I haven't seen anything this slick on web anywhere, and believe me, I surf! You are clearly offering tremendous value.”

“The information was very good.”

“The course was great; very informative”

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