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MargaretLSchwartz100x15003True Blessings: A Single Mom Reflects on Adopting Two at Once
Margaret Schwartz

“True Blessings: A Single Mom Reflects on Adopting Two at Once” is a recorded telecourse by Margaret Schwartz, and adoptive mom of two boys from Ukraine and author of “The Pumpkin Patch: A single woman’s international adoption journey”.  This is a free telecourse, but you must register to receive access.

Listen to True Blessings

Margaret’s Book

Margaret’s Links

Listen to “True Blessings”

    Through your computer’s speakers
    Click the button below to open an audio player to listen to “True Blessings” through your computer’s speakers. Approximately 28 minutes in length.
    Launch Audio Player

    Download the recording for your iPOD or MP3 player
     “Right click” on the link below and select “Save Target As” to download the recording to your computer to load on your iPOD or MP3 player. If you “left click” on the the link the audio should play using whatever the default MP3 player is on your computer (if any). trueblessings.mp3 (approx. 15 MBytes)

Margaret’s Book: The Pumpkin Patch

More adoption books can be found on our Adoption Books page.

Margaret’s Links

    The Pumpkin Patch
    Margaret Schwartz’s web site, where you can get more information on or purchase her book.

    His kids
    According to Margaret, His Kids Too focuses on Ukraine, unconditionally sharing the love of Jesus Christ to orphans, widows and those in need through providing food, medicine, clothing, and other supplies; in addition to teaching godly principals; providing education opportunities, and offering adoption assistance.

    Margaret says that this is a collaborative, secular, non-profit established by a group of caring individuals primarily to directly help orphaned children living in orphanages in Ukraine .

    Big Family Charity
    According to Margaret, this site is managed by a group of adoption facilitators who work with several orphanages. Individuals can sponsor orphans for a nominal fee and receive correspondence from the children on a regular basis.

    Club Mom
    Margaret says this national site for moms has tons of great information and time saving tips to make your life easier. Margaret is a “site expert” at Club Mom.

More adoption links can be found on our “Adoption Links” page.

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